Compass Direct Portal
Designed to streamline the processes of filling out and submitting applications to lenders
Compass Direct Portal
Any transaction, any structure with an open, dynamic API to allow capture of any information needed. Capable of supporting multiple channels to allow our partners to explore any opportunity with speed and agility.

Compass Direct Portal (CDP) is designed to streamline and facilitate the processes of filling out and submitting applications quickly and intuitively to lenders for assessment and approval.

CDP allows real-time application updates and communication between dealers and lenders from the point of an application's submission, all the way to its booking.

All of our solutions can be brought together in a single seamless and branded platform that can be opened to external partners and customers.

Capture Any Marketplace
Full, robust ecosystem to drive the online customer/lead to you + full communication to both the broker/dealer and consumer to optimize the lead closure.
Self-Administration = Low Cost
Self-Configuration allows for changes to be made by Lenders at the pace they want to change. Set up and launch business lines without any reliance on external IT.
MS Azure Speed and Performance
The fastest system to system performance to allow for quick and efficient transactions with best customer experience.
We offer an end-to-end solution for process automation tailored to the needs of any lending transaction
Asset Finance
Loan Management
Self-Configurable Credit Decisioning, Tolerance Limits and Risk Parameters with full Auto Decisioning & Scorecard Capabilities.

Self-Configuration Digital Doc Management, Funding & Deficiency and Income Verification.
All in One System - Credit to Booking
Single Robust System for Credit, Digital Document Capture, Funding & Income Verification.
End-to-End Integration
Full end-to-end integration with service and data providers unified in a single platform.
Best in Class Servicing Platform
Complete servicing capabilities and Portfolio Analytics with built in Customer Service and Collections capabilities. Fully integrated system built with workflows and analytics needed to ensure best in class efficient and performance.
Highly Configurable
Use of modern workflow and business logic frameworks ensures a high degree of configurability that allows our users to create processes and workflows to drive the behavior they need. Choose from thousands of compatible Apps to layer on and embed additional capabilities.
Consistent Pioneering Innovation
Be the first to use the latest technologies through regular updates to help you find the best path for your business.
All of our solutions can be brought together in a single seamless and branded platform that can be opened to external partners and customers
Multi channel origination
Originate new applications via mobile, web or even chat. Allowing customers and external partners to connect with your team in a way that's most convenient is a strategic advantage.
Credit matrix strategy
Make multiple offers in one go to allow the customer to select the one that fits the best. Eliminates unproductive work and enables your team to do more.
Branded environment
Be unique and be in control of how your customers and partners work with you and at the same time protect and showcase your brand.