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Why should you use Inovatec solutions? fr
  • Easy to use, Training is hands on or knowledge based . . . and free of charge!
  • Quick integration of business rules and scorecards, all configuration segments are designed with a « daily user » in mind. Common sense layout with easy changes.
  • Scale the system at your pace and grow at your pace
What is Inovatec experience in the industry? fr
  • Our Leadership Team has been in the finance industry for more than 30 years and have been integral in driving the evolution to web based transactions.
  • Inovatec is taking that evolution to a new level now shaping that ecosystem to areas never seen in the finance arena.
What kind of customer support Inovatec provides for its products? fr
  • Unique and complimentary Customer Portal for one-stop-shop for everything Support, Training and Community facing.
  • Enhanced IVR with Customer queue functionality & Chat Support, which can be accessed through your PC or handheld device.
  • Or talk to us directly!
How long does the implementation take? fr
  • Quick launch in weeks not months.
  • Quick changes with self-configuration, no need to ask for development help.
  • Launch multiple strategic business lines with your own resources, no costly changes to get your new initiatives or strategies live and growing.
What kind of ecosystem for lenders Inovatec provides? fr
  • First – Transaction & Lead Origination through our Compass Direct Portal with an open API to allow for any external entry point (web site, mobile app or others).
  • Second – The Compass LOS for Credit, Document Reception and Processing, Funding, and Registration all in one unified system.
  • Third – Industry Leading Loan/Lease Management with our Compass Loan Management System complete with unmatched reporting, servicing and collections modules.

Our Support Portal

The JAVELIN Support Portal is a self-serve, customer service tool our clients use to get help promptly. You can access information, request support, and resolve issues online quickly and easily through the Support Portal.

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