Three Key Features That Set
JAVELIN Loan Origination System Apart.

For over ten years, forward looking Lenders have helped us perfect the JAVELIN LOS. They've guided every design decision we made. That's why JAVELIN succeeds in delivering what is important to Lenders today - and tomorrow. 

For example, JAVELIN lets your credit team decision three times more deals. Plus you'll save over 300% in efficiencies across all departments. But that’s just the start. 

Watch our quick video demo and see what sets JAVELIN apart.

Brendon Aleski

U.S. Sales Director
Inovatec Systems Inc.
A Quick Look at JAVELIN LOS

This eight minute video reveals three key reasons why lenders are switching to JAVELIN LOS.

  • Per Funded Deal Pricing: A first for the industry. You only pay for transactions you book.
  • Decision More, Click Less: With all approval information organized in one place, your team will decision 3X more deals. Benefit from 100+ customizable criteria.
  • ​Easy Configurability: Configure workflows and settings, approval criteria, key indicators and business rules. Approve deals as simply as ‘Green Means Go.’

Experience JAVELIN In Action

JAVELIN LOS drives efficiencies in every department with state of the art design, powerful integrations and unmatched configurability.

  • Decision a loan application in minutes with the critical information your team needs on one screen. Including asset details, customer loan history and even asset valuation. Less clicks. Less time. Less Aggravation. More Deals.
  • Train underwriters in less than a week with the most important elements for decisioning brought front and center, including: LTV, TDSR, and PTI.
  • ​Accurate real-time calculations enable underwriters to find the perfect deal for lenders, dealers and customers by defining, adjusting or overriding scoring criteria - automatically or manually.
  • Allow team members to easily adjust and update current products or develop new ones - no need to call tech support.
  • Keep the lines of communication open with a history of internal or shared notes, comments and account actions per customer.
  • In-depth analytics let you track overall business performance - from turnaround times to conversion rates and much more.
Learn more about why leading lenders are making the switch to JAVELIN LOS.
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