Time Escape

Our successful room escape event just proved we have a smart team, we did escape in time!

Belgrade team
Our Team in Belgrade

Inovatec has a new office in Belgrade and hired a talented team to work in close collaboration with the Vancouver office.

Family Picnic

There was food, fun and games at the Company Family Picnic from lawn games to basketball.

music event
Battle of the Bands

Our coolest event yet, we split into 2 groups, learned to play a song and the bands performed live, it was great fun for everyone and not a bad result at all.


Halloween was filled with a spooky potluck and lego costume building for a Halloween event. You can see that everyone did a great job.

lunch social
Lunch Socials

Whether it’s ordering in or going out for lunch, we often have something to celebrate and like to get together for some good eats.

The Team in Serbia
Our Team in Serbia

Inovatec has a dedicated development team located in Serbia who work in close collaboration with the Vancouver office to produce the high standards of software we deliver.

Pitch & Putt

We like to get outdoors when we can and whether you can play well or not, Pitch n Putt is always a good laugh.


Our team bowling event is never straight forward, prizes are for the wackiest style in bowling.