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Compass Dealer Management

CDM brings together the tools, standards and processes that are essential for an efficiently run and well organized automotive sales team. The embedded reporting and analytics make it easy to evaluate and manage dealer relationships. CDM has built-in functionality for territory management and budgeting which allows sales managers to effectively manage the sales team.

Credit Adjudication

Our solution takes advantage of the latest data visualization tools to make it easy to identify areas of risk and possible issues to ensure a correct credit decision can be made instantly. Combined with a powerful strategy manager and integration with leading data providers like Dealer Track, Equifax, Canadian BlackBook and AVS it delivers a complete and ground breaking approach to making credit decisions.


In addition to making credit decisions in minutes, being able to originate business in a completely paperless environment is key to having a streamlined and efficient process. Our solution can be configured to track all necessary documents and manage all outstanding deficiencies. Notes are automatically generated and sent to DealerTrack so that all parties involved are completely up to date.

Reporting & Analytics

To be successful in the automotive industry, finance companies have to be able to manage risk and price for it. Reporting and analytics are essential to the process and that is why we have a complete reporting and analytics platform built directly into our solution. A centralized data warehouse is at the core of our system and allows us to measure all key business metrics as well as process performance metrics that enable our customers to measure the work done and continuously improve the business process.