About Us
We are experts in providing innovative software solutions helping businesses establish a scalable, data driven business model.
Our expertise and passion for business process automation drives our commitment in developing innovative technology that will integrate and grow with your company, keeping our solutions adaptable and successful in the long term. Providing clients with the highest levels of professionalism, combining integrity with excellence is the foundation upon which we continue to build our success today.
Simple, Clean and Self-Configurable
  • Easy to use, Training is hands on or knowledge based . . . and free of charge!
  • Quick integration of business rules and scorecards, all configuration segments are designed with a "daily user" in mind. Common sense layout with easy changes.
  • Scale the system at your pace and grow at your pace.
Super-Agile Infrastructure to enter new markets or grow current ones
Always leading technology and state of the art.
  • Always stay ahead of the curve with fast, configurable toggles to respond to market changes or strategic initiatives.
Industry Experience
  • Our Leadership Team has been in the finance industry for more than 30 years and have been integral in driving the evolution to web based transactions.
  • Inovatec is taking that evolution to a new level now shaping that ecosystem to areas never seen in the finance arena.
Unmatched Customer Support
  • Unique and complimentary Customer Portal for one-stop-shop for everything Support, Training and Community facing.
  • Enhanced IVR with Customer queue functionality & Chat Support, which can be accessed through your PC or handheld device.
  • Or talk to us directly!
Quick & Effective Implementation
  • Quick launch in weeks not months.
  • Quick changes with self-configuration, no need to ask for development help.
  • Launch multiple strategic business lines with your own resources, no costly changes to get your new initiatives or strategies live and growing.
Full End to End Ecosystem for any lender, any transaction
  • First – Transaction & Lead Origination through our Compass Direct Portal with an open API to allow for any external entry point (web site, mobile app or others).
  • Second – The Compass LOS for Credit, Document Reception and Processing, Funding, and Registration all in one unified system.
  • Third - Industry Leading Loan/Lease Management with our Compass Loan Management System complete with unmatched reporting, servicing and collections modules.
We offer an end-to-end solution for process automation tailored to the needs of any lending transaction
Direct Portal
Asset Finance
Loan Management
Agility & Configurability
Set up & launch strategic business lines in a matter of weeks through full self-configuration and mapping capabilities.

Connect unlimited external input pipelines (portals, websites, mobile apps etc.) via an open API.
Full End-to-End Ecosystem
Real-time application updates and communication between consumers, dealers and lenders from the point of an application's submission, all the way to its booking.
CDP features a robust collection of interactive in-app training guides built on the award-winning WalkMe platform.
Self-Configurable Credit Decisioning, Tolerance Limits and Risk Parameters with full Auto Decisioning & Scorecard Capabilities.

Self-Configuration Digital Doc Management, Funding & Deficiency and Income Verification.
All in One System - Credit to Booking
Single Robust System for Credit, Digital Document Capture, Funding & Income Verification.
End-to-End Integration
Full end-to-end integration with service and data providers unified in a single platform.
Best in Class Servicing Platform
Complete servicing capabilities and Portfolio Analytics with built in Customer Service and Collections capabilities. Fully integrated system built with workflows and analytics needed to ensure best in class efficient and performance.
Highly Configurable
Use of modern workflow and business logic frameworks ensures a high degree of configurability that allows our users to create processes and workflows to drive the behavior they need. Choose from thousands of compatible Apps to layer on and embed additional capabilities.
Consistent Pioneering Innovation
Be the first to use the latest technologies through regular updates to help you find the best path for your business.
Our deep expertise in the auto finance and equipment industry allows us to incorporate the best business practices
Automotive Finance & Lease
Equipment Finance & Lease
Powersports Finance & Lease
Asset & Unsecured Lending
Consumer Direct Lending