Inovatec LMS

Break down silos with an integrated, real-time view of your portfolio, and stay on top of your accounts by automatically assigning cases to configurable queues based on your strategy.​

Inovatec LMS automates loan and lease servicing, with powerful tracking, efficient servicing, and robust reporting.

Trusted by leading lenders in the U.S. and Canada, Inovatec LMS implements industry best practices to deliver best-in-class servicing across the life cycle of each loan and lease.

Single Cloud Based System

Covering all loan servicing needs, from accounting to collections to customer service and payments.

Automated Workflow Engine With Customizable Queues

Automatically assign cases to the right queues and define your strategy for customer service, collections, and accounting based on your own triggers and thresholds.

Real Time Portfolio Reporting

Up-to-date view of every account of every stage.

How Inovatec LMS Works

Inovatec LMS is fully automated, features best-in-class third-party integrations, and connects seamlessly with loan management systems.

Explore the Inovatec LMS Integrations

Alternative Payments

Texting Communications

Lien/Title Management

Standard Documentation

Vehicle History

Why Inovatec LMS Leads the Industry

With a cloud-based architecture optimized for configurability, efficiency, and ease of use, it’s no wonder Inovatec LMS is driving the evolution of lending.

User Configurability

Easily configure fields, workflows, and queues.

Born In The Cloud

Seamless deployment, free upgrades, and no need for on-premises maintenance.

Standard Reporting

Work seamlessly with accounting systems from QuickBooks to SAP.

Scalable Single Tenant Platform

Real-time reporting and consistently high performance that scales up dynamically with your needs.

Wide Range of Loan & Lease Types

Support for secured and unsecured loans, multi-asset loans, student loans, balloon loans, retail leases, and more.

Integrations via Open APIs

Lien/title management, ACH payments, alternative payments, SMS messaging, and more.

Client Showcase: Yamaha

  • Configured out-of-the box with efficient workflows developed from 15+ years of experience​
  • Support for multiple assets and structures within the same system—lease, loan, commercial and consumer
  • Fully integrated with Inovatec LOS for direct and seamless loan booking
  • All-in-one accounting, customer service and collections
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Business Development & Sales

Brendon Aleski

U.S Sales Director

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Canada Sales Director

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