Make smarter decisions faster with Inovatec LOS

Powered by artificial intelligence, machine-learning and 15 years of expertise, Inovatec LOS saves your organization time, reduces overhead and expands your growth opportunities.

Streamlined & easily automated

Inovatec LOS automates best-practice processes and workflows, streamlines underwriting, and helps you calculate risks in real time. With direct access to enriched data, you can expedite decisioning to book better loans more quickly.

Deployment is fast and easy with default workflows—and can also be tailored to your unique processes and systems.

Seamlessly integrate with leading data sources to eliminate friction and speed up funding.

Continuous Innovation

Smarter automation means booking more loans.
Our teams actively partner with customers to drive smarter, more efficient processes, and integrate new features and data intelligence.

Inovatec LOS is continuously updated, ensuring automatic, instant access to the latest software features and innovations.

The Inovatec LOS Advantage

Smart Configuration

Quickly configure everything from workflows to risk tiers—with no help needed from IT.

Fast & Secure Deployment

Migrate data securely, and deploy tailored solutions in as little as two months.

Modern, Intuitive UI

Reduce training and onboarding overhead with an intelligent UI that streamlines workflows.

AI-Powered Automation

Intelligently automate processes with AI-powered OCR to get more done, faster.

Industry-Leading Aftercare

Our customer success team is on call to ensure you leverage the full benefits of our systems.

Simple Credit Scorecard

Decisioning is made simple with visual scorecards and custom dashboards that show all your credit KPIs.

Inovatec’s customized end-to-end solution allowed Yamaha Financial Services to increase capabilities and efficiencies across origination, funding, and credit while supporting their unique multi-asset offerings.

How Inovatec LOS Works

True partners with proven results

Technology that works for you

Solutions that evolve with your business

Expert customer success team

Bob Metodiev
VP of Business Development & Sales

Brendon Aleski
U.S. Sales Director

Ioana Morariu
Canada Sales Director

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