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We’re obsessed with your success! Which is why our mission is to deliver leading edge products that create profitable outcomes for Lenders in the USA and Canada. Since 2011 we’ve been leading the way with technology designed with one thing in mind: to ensure our clients have the foresight and flexibility to compete - and win - in evolving markets.

Our success is a direct result of a diverse and passionate team who bring their best everyday in offices in the USA, Canada and Europe.

Our Story

Inovatec was founded by Vladimir & Danijela Kovacevic in 2006. Both Danijela and Vlad had two passions – sports and computers. Growing up in Serbia in the 1990’s was not easy. The experience of growing up during the Yugoslav war forced both Danijela and Vlad to be fearless and resourceful in solving problems – and to think out of the box, qualities that today still define the company they built.

Danijela moved to US in 1997, and soon after that in 2000 Vlad followed her. Before long, they were both working for Kodak at their advanced X-Ray manufacturing plant in Oregon.

In 2006, they moved to Canada. Danijela completed MBA degree at the Sauder School of Business (UBC), specializing in finance and business intelligence. In early days, one of their clients was an auto loan company. Their breakthrough was understanding that the process methodology learned at Kodak’s X-Ray manufacturing plant could be transformed and re-purposed to drive efficiencies for auto loan clients. They set to work and Inovatec was born, a fusion of innovation and technology.

Piece by piece, they built out the technology that solved practical business problems for their clients. The experience gave them insider knowledge of the challenges and opportunities in the Lending sector. By 2011, they decided to integrate everything learned into a stand-alone Lending platform.

With years of industry experience under their belt and a crack team of developers in Danijela’s former home town of Kragujevac, the team re-wrote the software again in 2013, creating a state-of-the-art Lending platform that attracted attention throughout the industry. From enthusiastic athletes to technology entrepreneurs, spirit of fearless innovation and relentless improvement is stronger than ever at Inovatec.

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