Inovatec Announces Partnership with Wisconsin Consumer Credit

Inovatec announced its strategic partnership with Wisconsin Consumer Credit, a leader in automotive finance. Wisconsin Consumer Credit will integrate Inovatec’s end-to-end solution into its lending services, rental payments, and debt collection systems.

Inovatec will partner with Wisconsin Consumer Credit to increase the speed and accuracy of lending decisions for the companies current automotive and rental payments portal that are accessible through online and mobile phone applications. Inovatec’s technology provides a solution that is scalable and data-driven, allowing for more strategic and confident lending decisions to be made.

“At Wisconsin Consumer Credit we have a strong appetite for growth, and it is critical that we implemented the tools necessary to make that happen. We are excited for what the future holds now that the ground-work is completed for a successful loan origination and management system,” said Amanda Kroener, VP of Operations at Wisconsin Consumer Credit.

Inovatec’s agile process builder will allow Wisconsin Consumer Credit to create processes and workflows that can be seamlessly and almost immediately implemented with minimal training. In a time when digital financing is increasing in popularity, lenders need a solution that allows them to quickly pivot their lending strategies and offer end-to-end AI solutions that give customers nearly immediate decisions. “The integration of lending technology and automation is allowing for seamless digital finance options for automotive shoppers,” said Bryan Smith, Head of Customer Growth & Strategic Partnerships at Inovatec.  “By implementing sophisticated systems, the speed of buying and lending process is significantly increased.”