Inovatec Systems Corp. Announces Partnership with Carleton, Inc.

British Columbia-based digital lending solutions company Inovatec announced today that it has integrated Carleton’s CarletonCalcs® modules within its JAVELIN Software Platform—a self-configurable, open API platform designed to eliminate barriers, expedite connectivity, and drive enterprise-wide workflow efficiencies.

CarletonCalcs® is a suite of computation software modules which enable software applications to
calculate payments, fees, taxes, and nearly all calculations required for every subset of the consumer
lending industry. CarletonCalcs® provides precise payments with vast configuration options that are
compliant with state maximum usury, Federal TILA disclosures including APR and MAPR, along with a
multitude of ancillary products.

The CarletonCalcs® components support Inovatec’s ability to tailor corresponding credit decisioning,
tolerance limits, and risk parameters with full auto-decisioning and scorecard capabilities for all of their lenders, dealers, and financial service providers utilizing the JAVELIN platform (formerly known as Compass). By partnering with Carleton, the leader in compliant financial calculations software, Inovatec is well-positioned to expand and bring their highly successful platform to the U.S. market after establishing themselves as a leader in the financial technology space in Canada.

With JAVELIN, customers have a flexible and intuitive platform that allows clients to simplify and align
workflows that are unique to the needs of their business as well as individual stakeholders—wherever they are located. Carleton and Inovatec mutually embrace client-centric principals and the synergy between their comprehensive suite of products, continued industry recognition, and market penetration provide evidence of the value and expertise both organizations provide to the lending industry.

“Our strategic partnership and integration with Carleton addressed a major need for us to ensure all of the features that have made Javelin successful in Canada became available to the US market,” said Vladimir Kovacevic, Founder & CEO of Inovatec, “The United States regulatory and compliance landscape is very different and more demanding than it is in Canada. Our partnership with Carleton provides the required assurance that our state and federal lending compliance parameters are driven by a company widely regarded as the best option for compliant payment, loan calculation, and validation APIs in the United States.”

“The consumer lending landscape continues to evolve towards innovative digital lending options through various channels with a streamlined process. Carleton and Inovatec both operate with a similar philosophy realizing that client success is always priority one,” said Matt Ruszkowski, President and COO of Carleton.

“That means, we need to provide an excellent product delivered with the latest technology, a quick and easy implementation, and include flexibility to configure multiple lending products anywhere within a client’s workflow,” continued Ruszkowski.