Prime Capital Partners With Inovatec To Facilitate Cloud-based Equipment Financing

Inovatec Systems Corp., a provider of industry-leading, cloud-based lending software announced today that it is partnering with Prime Capital, an Edmonton-based provider of commercial equipment leasing. Through this partnership, Prime Capital will leverage Inovatec’s JAVELIN Direct Portal and JAVELIN Loan Origination System (LOS) to set up a long-term, scalable lending infrastructure built to service a diverse network of clients and partners, as well as facilitate a variety of lease offerings.

“We are absolutely thrilled to partner with Prime Capital,” said Bryan Smith, Head of Customer Growth at Inovatec. “This launch will mark a new, best-in-class offering to the commercial equipment finance space.”

JAVELIN is a cloud-based, end-to-end lending platform designed to target the right deals for borrowers. The platform is highly configurable, which will allow Prime Capital to create a marketplace that is truly unique to the needs of their business.

JAVELIN Direct Portal delivers a seamless lending solution through quick and intuitive credit application software, while JAVELIN LOS executes a rapid and more efficient credit process complete with automated decisioning and scorecard capabilities, best-in-class auditing and income verification for financing applications.

“Prime Capital has an incredible vision to drive a company-wide evolution from digital retailing and loan origination through to automated decisioning and AI tools to optimize workflows,” said Smith. “We are very pleased to help them achieve this vision and more importantly, provide a long-term, scalable infrastructure so they can continue to grow that vision.”

Inovatec uses advanced technology designed to evolve with the market, helping customers like Prime Capital adapt on an on-going basis while scaling their businesses to accommodate modern lenders. Inovatec’s JAVELIN suite of lending software is designed from the ground up to target the right deals for borrowers, while the platform’s success-based pricing means lenders only pay for the transactions they book. 

“Partnering on innovation requires patience, excellent communication and commitment to vision of a streamlined end to end experience, removing friction from the client journey and vastly improving effectiveness of internal operations ” said Angela Armstrong, President of Prime Capital. “Accomplishing this without losing the fundamental rigour, reporting and risk discipline, and robust audit trail of a financial services organization is truly a herculean task. It’s been a privilege to work with the Inovatec team on achieving this.”