Javelin Direct

JAVELIN DIRECT Portal is designed from the ground up to streamline loan applications to Lenders.

With a deal on the line, JAVELIN Direct Portal makes the job of completing and submitting credit applications fast, intuitive and easy.

With JAVELIN Direct, Vendors and Lenders can communicate in real time from the point of an application’s submission, all the way to booking the transaction. Real-time application updates and open communication across multiple channels guarantees you’ll always have the information you need to book the right deal.

JAVELIN Direct Portal works beautifully as a stand alone module but it really shines as one part of our complete JAVELIN Lending platform.

Our Features

Streamlined & Complete

Reliable and efficient, JAVELIN Direct connects direct - and indirect - borrowers to a network of lenders with complete funding status and two way real time communication.

Highly Configurable

Easily set up new business lines or customize the user experience to align precisely with team workflows. No need to call IT.

Speed & Performance

Blindingly fast system-to-system performance from MS Azure promotes rapid and efficient deal flow.

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