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Javelin LMS

Electronic document management with robust loan servicing and after-care for loans, leasing, consumer/commercial customer service and collections and third party vendor management.

JAVELIN Loan Servicing is a fully secure loan and lease servicing system. Now you can easily manage your customer loans and repayments in one place. Easily view loan details including terms, repayment schedule and collateral along with supporting files and documents. You can easily manage loan fees, grace periods and penalties. JAVELIN offers maximum flexibility with easy restructuring and refinancing options.

JAVELIN is a Collections team player offering flexible queuing and workflow management – and productivity tracking and analytics. In Collections, establishing a good relationship with your Borrower is key. JAVELIN has you covered there too.

JAVELIN makes it easy to connect with clients with out of the box chat, phone and email support as well as a Customer Care Portal for customer self service and interaction.

JAVELIN Loan Servicing allows you to instantly see your business performance with infographics and charts. Our advanced business logic framework makes it easy to customize workflows to align with your team – wherever they are working.

As with all JAVELIN products, our open API infrastructure eliminates barriers and provides for seamless data integration with partners and vendors – such as credit bureaus and other portals. JAVELIN Loan Servicing works brilliantly as a stand alone module but it’s even more impressive within our seamless JAVELIN Lending platform.

Our Features

Flexible Loan Management

Flexible loan management improves outcomes. Easily control restructuring and refinancing options, loan fees, grace periods, penalties - and more.

Insight & Analytics

Instantly understand your portfolio and business performance through graphic charts and state of the art analytics - with data import and export capability.

Open API Infrastructure

Open API infrastructure eliminates barriers and provides for seamless data integration supporting partners, vendors, dealers, internal staff and management.

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