Inovatec Announces Partnership with TruDecision to Provide Analytics Solutions that Improve Loan Portfolio Performance

Advanced AI and Machine Learning Capabilities Enable Lenders to Reduce Risk and Maximize Profit

BURNABY, BC / ACCESSWIRE / September 1, 2022 / Inovatec Systems, a major provider of industry-leading, cloud-based software solutions for lenders, announced it has reached an agreement with TruDecision, a leader in the development of AI and Machine Learning-based analytics tools that improve loan portfolio performance. Through this relationship, Inovatec customers will have access to TruDecision’s compelling analytics capabilities through Inovatec’s advanced LOS and LMS platforms, enabling lenders to automate and improve critical processes like risk mitigation, credit scoring and decisioning, collections, and cross-marketing.

Based in Irving, Texas, TruDecision serves a variety of lenders, including banks, credit unions, and finance companies. Its solutions are applied in multiple lending sectors, such as automobile, motorcycle, power sports, and personal loans. The company serves lenders in both the United States and Canada, and offers customers a unique ‘analytics-as-a-service’ model that enables lenders to use TruDecision on a pay-per-use basis.”

“We are always looking to work with ‘best-of-breed’ technology partners that can add significant value to our lenders, especially those innovators that can make an immediate impact in terms of reducing risk and growing the bottom line,” noted Bob Metodiev, head of business development for Inovatec. “TruDecision not only ticks the boxes in terms of technology excellence, but also possesses a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities that define modern lending. We are eager to work with the TruDecision team and deliver the compelling analytics capabilities that can have an enormous impact on loan performance.”

Inovatec offers cloud-based LOS, LMS and consumer direct technology that enables lenders to streamline loan processing, decisioning, and management with intelligent automation that can be configured to meet lender needs. The company’s solutions allow lenders to access a variety of innovative services through open APIs, giving lenders the ability to adjust workflows and leverage advanced features like analytics and alternative data to grow their portfolios and build marketshare in a highly competitive industry.

“We are delighted to work with Inovatec, which is not only the established market leader in Canada, but is also rapidly building a sizable customer base in the United States,” said Daniel Parry, TruDecision’s chief executive officer. “We share Inovatec’s belief that every lender-regardless of size or market orientation-should have seamless access to modern analytics capabilities that can have a profound impact on portfolio performance.”

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About TruDecision

TruDecision is a fintech company focused on providing sophisticated analytic solutions to consumer lenders that deliver superior bottom-line results. TruDecision serves banks, credit unions and finance companies across multiple lending products, including auto, motorcycle and unsecured personal loans in the United States and Canada. They offer expert product origination scores, as well as pricing optimization, collections models and customized decisioning APIs. For more information, reach out to [email protected] or visit